MVP’s CustomerCount Makes Significant Impact at Breckenridge Grand Vacations

November 6, 2012 by Steve-Luba

Breckenridge Grand Vacations (Colorado) has been using CustomerCount as a tool to monitor and measure guest and resort experiences for nearly three years.  According to Kit Armour, Executive Director of Resort Operations at Breckenridge Grand Vacations, of one of the most successful individual timeshare developments in the industry, says that CustomerCount has been “invaluable in providing immediate feedback while surveying post stay and post tour feedback.”

Kit Armour

Mobius Vendor Partners,   an Indianapolis-based company that provides business process design, management and performance improvement services to companies, associations and non-profit organizations developed the system for a major client and now makes the platform and services available to companies throughout the world.

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Original Source: MVP’s CustomerCount Makes Significant Impact at Breckenridge Grand Vacations
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