Fidelity National Title Group and Chicago Title Timeshare Join Forces

November 13, 2012 by Steve-Luba

Orlando, FL – November 12, 2012 (PerspectivePR) – Fidelity National Title Group (Maitland, FL) and Chicago Title Timeshare (Escondido, CA) have formed an alliance to be known as Fidelity National Timeshare (FNT). The two entities have joined forces to strengthen their service and respond better to the needs of an ever-changing timeshare industry. The new relationship enhances the company’s ability to serve the industry through its existing East and West Coast office and is dedicated solely to working within the timeshare and shared ownership arena.

Pictured (L-R): Rob Cohen, Joe Goodman, Grant Miller, Glen Vieira, Brenda Miller and JoAnn Lockard

Grant Miller, Vice President and Executive Director of Fidelity National Timeshare said “Creating this new alliance provides an unmatched collection of products and services the industry has always desired, but never seen before.

“We are also excited about the possibilities to offer a better-integrated bicoastal servicing approach for existing and new clients,” he continued.

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Original Source: Fidelity National Title Group and Chicago Title Timeshare Join Forces
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