Club Intrawest Implements Levitin Group Content on ePercipio Technology

December 4, 2012 by Steve-Luba

Levitin Group, the timeshare industry’s premier sales training and consulting company, today, announced Club Intrawest, a North American private vacation club, has selected ePercipio, a division of Levitin Group, and provider of online learning and collaboration software, to develop Club Intrawest University. Club Intrawest University is a customized, comprehensive user website designed to enhance their employee interface and augment their online sales and training curriculum.

“Club Intrawest values a quality customer experience above all else,” explains Vince Scott, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Club Intrawest. “Our desire to provide the best possible experience for our Members compelled us to work with Levitin Group, the timeshare industry training experts. The Levitin content, coupled with ePercipio technology, provided us the customized technology and training needed to advance toward our goal of helping our Members create the best vacations of their lives.”

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Original Source: Club Intrawest Implements Levitin Group Content on ePercipio Technology
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