Aspen to Assist Timeshare Resort HOAs in Obtaining Proxies

January 7, 2013 by Steve-Luba

Buzz Waloch, from the timeshare resort industry’s premier collection agency, Aspen National Collections, recently announced their latest service: Aspen is now offering to make automated calls to remind timeshare owners or members to return their proxies for a nominal fee. In addition, Aspen will provide the resort with any updated phone numbers obtained during the process.

“My associate, David Combs, and I attended a timeshare board members’ meeting last fall. One prevalent topic was how difficult it is to communicate with owners who are dispersed over a wide area,” says Waloch. “I mentioned that at Aspen, we often use our auto-dialer under the auspices of our ‘Resort Services’ division to leave recorded messages for thousands of people at a time for a very low price. Using an automated system costs a fraction of what it takes to make individual, dialed calls. Plus a timeshare owner receiving a simply-phrased reminder to ‘please remember to return your resort proxy by such-and-such date’ usually recognizes it as a service to them. Owners will particularly appreciate the cost savings when compared to making time-consuming phone calls or sending expensive mail.”

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Original Source: Aspen to Assist Timeshare Resort HOAs in Obtaining Proxies
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