Absolute World Group CEO Bryan Lunt To Participate At GNEX 2013

December 13, 2012 by Steve-Luba

Perspective Magazine announces that Bryan Lunt, Chairman and CEO, Absolute World Group, will provide expert analysis of the vacation ownership industry in Southeast Asia during the Third Annual Global Networking Expo, GNEX 2013 – The Global Meeting of Minds.

“It’s our sincere pleasure to be at GNEX 2013 and Beverley Hills seems to be the appropriate place to house the event for the Who’s Who of our Industry and we really look forward to the event,” said Mr. Lunt.

The Absolute World Group are proud to be Asia’s leading lifestyle property developer, resorts and hotels operator, and a pioneer in the fractional ownership and vacation club markets. They continue to develop and spread its wings across the world, with offices in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Russia and Thailand. Today they employ over 1,000 staff in 27 global offices. Their people are geographically spread, but united in one common goal: to build exciting resorts in developing markets, in partnership with other world-leading brands, to continue to provide the most exciting vacation opportunities for clients for many years to come.

Set aside February 3-6, 2013 for GNEX 2013 and the Perspective Magazine Awards at the glamorous Beverly Wilshire – a Four Seasons Hotel in the playground of the stars, Beverly Hills, California.

An impressive collection of industry experts from six continents will gather to discuss the issues at the core of the vacation ownership industry to create new ways to tackle the challenges facing businesses in today’s selective travel environment. The innovative format of GNEX conferences guarantees an audience-driven program of debate and discussion that, while sometimes controversial, leads to the development of new solutions and ideas for business advancement.

Just about everyone in the room will hold a senior-level title of President, CEO, Managing Director, Vice President or similar designation, with the remaining delegates at a Business Development Director-level position. Such a notable group of attendees will foster outstanding networking opportunities and the ability to share valuable industry knowledge that is sure to build new business relationships.

Nightly social events befitting the Hollywood locale will make every evening a stylish affair, culminating with the Perspective Magazine Awards, sponsored by Holiday Systems International, as nominees vie for global recognition of excellence in over 30 categories.

For more information and to find out how your company can participate in GNEX 2013, please visit   http://perspectivemagazine.com/gnex

Sponsors and supporters of GNEX 2013 to date include:

Dial an Exchange, Holiday Systems International, Interval International, RCI, Oombaga, Travel To Go, Blue Strawberry Resorts, Generator, Resort Television, Leisure Logistics, Lloydshare Limited, CustomerCount, Emirates Vacation Club, Merlin Software, Stewart Vacation Ownership, VacationOwnership.com, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, Alliances That Work, Brand Tango, Dream Vacation Network, Equiant Financial Services, SFX Preferred Resorts, TrackResults Software, Timeshare Training Today and Christel House International as Charity of Choice.

About Bryan Lunt

Bryan Lunt is the ultimate visionary who has driven Absolute World Group from its inception in 1998 to become one of the leading, multi-award winning lifestyle property developer, resorts and hotels operator, vacation club and fractional ownership organizations with a turnover in excess of US $75m and a 60% growth in the last two years.

Absolute World Group and its subsidiaries now offers a rapidly expanding collection of mixed use boutique resorts attracting world renowned brands such as Interval International, Jones Lang Lasalle and leading designer brands such as Yoo – one of the world’s foremost design teams founded by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck – to enhance their resorts to an unprecedented level, actually never seen before in the shared-ownership world.

Bryan entered the vacation ownership industry 28 years ago as a street OPC in the Canary Islands, which then led him to various senior management roles equipping him with a solid comprehension of the shared ownership industry and also a unique understanding of the needs of the vacationing client. Bryan has a gift for networking and identifying potential in new employees; 2013 is the 15th anniversary for Absolute World Group, which will see not less than 15 new initiatives rolled out such as the Absolute Going Greener programme, an Absolute Phuket ITU triathlon bringing over 1,000 sportsmen, women and children to Thailand in November and much more.

Bryan is a true visionary in his field. His passion and commitment to take Absolute World Group to the next level is unprecedented. He leads a team of employees who fully respect his vision and leadership as an outright pioneer in the shared ownership and resort development fields.

About Perspective Group

The Perspective Group provides the vacation ownership industry’s most comprehensive independent multi-media marketing and publishing services globally. The Group includes five regional trade magazines under the Perspective Magazine brand, consumer publication Owners Perspective Magazine, plus member magazines and customized magazines specifically created for clients. A full suite of the latest online and interactive marketing services, including advanced tracking and analytics, are offered through Perspective Interactive, and the Global Networking Expo – GNEX 2013: The Global Meeting of Minds – will bring together industry leaders from six continents. Also coming under the Perspective Group are PerspectivePR public relations services and recruitment advertising service TimeshareStaff.com.

Much more than a magazine publisher and media sponsor of over 30 industry events, the rapidly growing Perspective Group offers a strategic range of sales and marketing products and services to assist developers and marketers with sales, lead generation, recruitment, customer retention, upgrades, referrals and much more. For further information just visit http://perspectivemagazine.com/services

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Original Source: Absolute World Group CEO Bryan Lunt To Participate At GNEX 2013
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